All rentals of Bon Souvenir are governed by these terms and conditions. Signed copies can be made available upon request.

Rental Agreement

We think you'll really enjoy your stay at "Bon Souvenir". Please read through and return this Rental Agreement with your payment, if you require a signed rental agreement.

Thank you!

Ted and Leah


Renter (you) agrees to rent "Bon Souvenir" (the premises); located at:

2 Place Albert Giraud, 83570 Entrecasteaux, France

from Owners (us): Ted and Leah Loewenberg, for the dates and price specified in the reservation confirmation.

By signing this document or agreeing to rent the premises, the rentee agrees to the 16 sections of this 3 page agreement.

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Primary Renter – Written Name Primary Renter – Signature

List of people staying with Renter:




Flight number (if known): ____________________________

Expected arrival time (if known): ____________________________

  1. Booking
  2. A security deposit of 200 must be paid on booking. No contract will exist until a deposit is received. A tentative booking will be held for ten days after the initial request. Should you cancel after we receive your deposit, cancellation charges will become payable as described in Section 3. We reserve the right to refuse a booking without giving a reason. Neglecting to vacate the property after the leased term will automatically result in a daily surcharge of 75 in addition to the pro-rated rent. Unused portions of the security deposit will be returned within 30 days of the end of the rental.

  3. Payment of the Balance
  4. The balance due reflected on the Confirmation/Invoice must be paid at least thirty (30) days before arrival. If the balance is not received by this due date, we shall be entitled to cancel the booking and retain 225 of the rental down payment, or the amount as calculated in Section 3, below, whichever is greater. For bookings made within four weeks of arrival, you will be required to pay the full cost of your stay at the time of booking. All amounts are in euro (), or their US dollar ($) equivilents (at the discretion of the owner) at the time of the financial transaction.

  5. Cancellation
    If, prior to your arrival, you cancel all or any part of your booking, or that booking is cancelled by us due to non-payment, then the owners shall be entitled to the following percentage of the rental cost which will be subtracted from any payments previously made pursuant to this agreement:
    • 15% of the total property rental fee if cancelled greater than 60 days prior to scheduled arrival
    • 50% of the total property rental fee if cancelled between 30 and 60 days prior to scheduled arrival
    • 100% of the total property rental fee if cancelled less than 30 days prior to scheduled arrival

    Cancellation must be received by owners in writing via regular mail, electronic mail or fax at the address or e-mail shown in section 16. We strongly encourage you to buy travel insurance at the time of booking to compensate you in the event you must cancel and forfeit funds. (Please note that most owners are encouraging the purchase of travel insurance, not only to secure your rental deposit, but also because such insurance has proven to be a cost-effective way of protecting against a wide variety of possible losses related to travel. A number of reliable providers of travel insurance may be found on the Internet under "travel insurance," or contact your home or auto insurance carrier.)

  1. Alterations and Amendments
  2. If you change your dates, this becomes a new Rental Agreement. Your deposit is subject to the cancellation conditions in Section 3.

  3. Alterations and Cancellations by Us
  4. Though it is unlikely we will have to make any changes to confirmed arrangements, in the event it does happen due to a situation beyond our control, we will advise you at the earliest possible date. If, for any reason beyond our control we are unable to provide you with the property you have booked, we reserve the right to locate a similar property. However, if this is not possible or you do not wish to be transferred, we will cancel the booking and refund the amount paid to us in full along with providing a 10% reduction on a future rental. We will not be liable for any further obligations or claims by you.

  5. Number of Persons/Replacements
  6. Only those people listed on the booking may use the property as their vacation residence. Guests are permited for shorter, reasonable periods, not to exceed 30% of the period of the rental agreement. The number of people must not exceed the number of sleeping places. Pets are not permitted. Children under 8 are permitted only in special cases with written agreement by the owner.

  7. Arrival and Departure Times
  8. Rentals commence after 4 pm on the date of arrival and terminate no later than 11 am on departure day. Unless there is explicit written approval of the owner, rentals will begin on Wednesdays and end on Wednesdays. Please plan on providing an estimated time of arrival before your departure to travel to the premises.

  9. Utilities and Other Extras
  10. All utilities except for certain phone usage are included in the rental fee. Rentals between October 15 and March 31 will be charged for electricity consumption, based on the meter reading. (About 35 a month, average). Any long distance calls made from the rental property must be put on an AT&T, Sprint or similar phone card. Local calls in France are billable, but we have included two hours of free local calls per week. Any local consumption over two hours per week will be deducted from the security deposit at the billed France Telecom rates. You should be aware that if you are using the telephone for internet access, the bill for local calls can mount up fairly quickly.

  11. Security Deposits
  12. The amount of the security deposit contained in your balance payment will be specified in your confirmation invoice. This non-interest bearing security deposit covers the cost of any damage, breakage or missing items during your stay to the property and its contents, inside and outside, excluding normal wear. Judgment as to the condition of the house is left to the sole discretion of the owner. An inventory check will be performed by the property manager after your departure. Evidence of smoking in the house will forfeit the full security deposit. The amount of the security deposit, less any applicable claims, will be mailed to you by check within 30 business days after the house evaluation.

  13. Travel Insurance
  14. French law requires all parties to be covered by comprehensive Travel Insurance, including coverage for personal liability, while occupying a rental property. The purchase of such an insurance policy is at your own discretion.

  15. Complaints
  16. The descriptions in the listing are made in good faith. We do not accept responsibility for unpredicted breakdown of utilities and essential services though we will, through our property manager, make our best efforts to solve any problems immediately. If you have any problems, please contact our property manager as soon as possible.

  17. Cleaning
  18. Please indicate which cleaning option you will elect for your rental:

    ( A ) The house will be clean and in order upon your arrival. Clean bed linens and towels are provided. You are required to pay for the thorough cleaning of the home after your departure, which will include laundry of all used linens. More frequent cleaning can be arranged directly between the renter and the cleaning service at the renter’s expense. Additional cleaning charges may be assessed against the security deposit if the home is not left in reasonable condition by you at the end of the rental period. OR

    ( B ) You will assume the primary responsibility to clean the home as much as possible, to minimize any cleaning expense. Cleaning materials consumed in this process will be replaced by you. You are required to pay for the thorough cleaning of the home after your departure. The property manager will inform you of the current real and reasonable rate when you arrive at the premises. The charge for this will be deducted from the cash security deposit paid upon arrival.

  19. Behavior
  20. The person signing the Rental Agreement is responsible for correct and decent behavior. Please be careful of noise particularly between 10 p.m. and 8 a.m. Should the person or his/her party behave in an indecent or incorrect manner based on civilized standards, the local property manager may ask the person to vacate the house.

  21. Liability
  22. The renters agree not to hold the owner responsible or liable for any acts or outcomes connected with your use and occupancy of the property, including but not limited to injuries, damage, losses from fire, theft and criminal activity. The limitation of liability is conditioned upon the owners providing proper maintenance of the house to ensure it is safely habitable during the rental duration.

  23. Governing Law
  24. This Agreement shall be governed in accordance with the laws of the State of California. Each party hereby submits to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the Superior Court for the City and County of San Francisco for purposes of all legal proceedings arising out of or relating to this Agreement. You hereby irrevocably waive, to the fullest extent permitted by law, any objection which you may now or hereafter have to the laying of the venue of any such proceeding brought in such a court and any claim that any such proceeding brought in such a court has been brought in an inconvenient forum.

  25. Contact information
  26. Email: Ted Loewenberg

    Phone: 1 415 522-1560

    Post: 1562 Waller St., San Francisco, CA 94117, USA

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    Revised 10 February 2010