Leah Harper and Ted Loewenberg

Leah Harper's roots go back to Ocilla, Georgia. She has her degrees from LSU and Georgia State and has an extensive background as an art teacher. She was an Activity Consultant for senior citizens in San Francisco and San Mateo Board and Care homes. Leah teaches 4th grade near San Francisco. She also practices a wide variety of crafts. She is an avid gardener, loves to cook, and participates in a number of neighborhood groups. Her many artistic accomplishments include exhibitions, paintings and craft sales. Her artistic decorator's touch is evident throughout Bon Souvenir. Ted was born in Heidelberg, Germany and was raised in East Hartford, Conn. After graduate school where he earned a Masters degree in American history, he had a career with IBM. An avid daily cyclist, he loves Formula 1 racing, baking bread, cooking and photography. In fact, there isn't much that doesn't interest him. He is active in the political scene in the neighborhood, and leads several of the different organizations there. Retired, Ted is able to devote his efforts to improving San Francisco, and he is a founder of the San Francisco Skateboarding Association, a non-profit to get more skateboard parks built in the City.